January 15, 2012

Valentine’s Day Crafts

January 15, 2012
Valentine’s day is one of my favorite holidays.  It is so much fun to celebrate those you love!  Colton being in preschool makes these type of holidays even more fun!  I have been looking for some cute ideas for his classmates or his “friends” as he refers to them.

If you have a toddler you are sure to have plenty of broken crayons and now you can salvage them!  Buy a silicone heart candy mold, chop up crayons and put in the mold, heat 230 degrees for 15 minutes and voila!  So cute and no waste.  The only thing is I have heard that the washable crayons do not work as well trying this process and the washable is all I buy.

Valentines Crayons

Here are a few other cute classroom craft/gift ideas!  You can click on the images for the source of the photo or go to the bottom of this post.

I have never seen Valentine’s colored candy corn, but I am sure it exist – if not you can always use some other type of candy.  I love these cards and plan on doing them for the grandparents.
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The flower pop idea would be cute for even grandparents too.  I love this idea for the gold fish – you could go simple and just use zip lock bags.  This may be a better idea for older kids who would really get the joke.

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These two are my favorites!!  So much so that Colton and I will probably do both of these for his class.  I purchased embroidery thread last week at our local discount fabric store and since Colton has 17 classmates I think we may try to get a start on these soon! 

110338259590177737_ZNCluXXx_c  IMG_0881

For Colton’s teacher I thought we could do some white chocolate covered pretzels and put them in a cut jar like this one!  Maybe mod podge hearts on it instead!


I love these cute little bookmarks!  They are made from paint chip cards.  I thought this would be a cute idea for my Sunday School girls.


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