February 29, 2012

Coat Rack Organizing

February 29, 2012

The playroom has been my big project lately.  I am slowing working on re-organizing and making the room more usable.  We just had drapes made which I love.  I love the large print!

Chris and I have had this mirror since we were first married … we used it in our very first apartment because we did not have a coat closet on the main level.  We are not closet endowed in our current home so the mirror had to make a re-appearance when we moved here.  I loathed this spot… it always looked junked up and disorganized.


Now lets move on to this mess!  I cannot believe I am actually showing this… this is probably the messiest thing in our home.  This is the armoire that matches our master bedroom furniture, but we do not have the space for it in our master so we put it in the entryway of our playroom.  The armoire sits where I eventually want to place an antique pew and coat rack.  The more I looked at this armoire the more I realized that I was not properly using the space… so….


I took down the mirror/coat rack … cleaned up the armoire, added a tension rod and …




Nice organized stored behind closed doors.  No more coats hanging around for everyone to see!  I also placed all of our winter accessories in a nice clear tote for easy accessibility and hung up the children’s jackets on child size coat hangers.  So for now… until I get the entryway I desire this will have to work!  What do you think?

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