February 15, 2012

Snow Day

February 15, 2012

Saturday I was woken up by Colton, who came to my bedside saying, “Mommy!  Mommy!  Its SNOWING!  Its SNOWING!”.  The little guys has been asking me for weeks if it is going to snow.  We have had such a mild winter which I have really enjoyed, but I have wished that we would have one good snow just for him to enjoy!  This is technically our second snow of the year.

It was super cold Saturday and the wind was brutal, but I knew we had to get outside for a few minutes before our minuscule snow melted all away.  The four of us bundled up and headed out.  You will notice that Claire was really not prepared – or at least momma was not prepared for Claire to be playing in the snow!  She does not have any snow pants or boots and prior to Saturday it had not crossed my mind to buy her any!  I triple layered her and hoped she would not get too cold.  She did not seem to mind!


They had such a great time.  One of Colton’s favorite things to do in the snow is to make snow angels… however, he calls them “Colton’s” ha ha ha.  Ahhh, the difference a year makes – he is getting so big!


Claire watched Colton play and Daddy shovel snow off the patio in between picking herself up time and time again… New Balance are not ideal shoes for playing in the snow… boots – yep, that is on my shopping list!

 DSC_0123    DSC_0124

Look at these happy faces!  They had so much fun!



I think this is their cold faces!

DSC_0122   DSC_0121

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