February 9, 2012

Stream of consciousness–Busy Busy

February 9, 2012

I have been missing from my blog lately, but only because I have been so busy at home.  January has been a not so healthy month for the Brooks household.  Colton and Claire both came down with the croup and it lasted about three weeks.  Everyone is healthy and back to normal now!

At the end of the year I took a small leap and decided to start my own work from home business.  I was super nervous and skeptical about doing it, but everything has taken off and now I am as busy as ever!  Now I just have to find the balance between being a wife, mom, and my new business venture.  This is going to be a learning process, but hopefully I will have it all in order soon!

Recently, I met a group of ladies at a Busy Bag Swap.  Have any of you ever been to a Busy Bag Swap!?  It is so awesome – hopefully I will get a chance to share more later!  At the party I met several moms who like to run and who were willing to get up at the crack of dawn and push out a few miles!  It has been so awesome to have new moms to run alongside!  Three of us are training for April half marathons – funny thing is we are all doing different races.  Brooke who was the host of the party is doing the Louisville Half Marathon – she is a blogger and mom of two as well!  You can find her blog here.

Yesterday we went to see a new dermatologist.  Claire has a large birth mark and I was just not happy with the dermatologist we had been seeing – they were not thorough enough for my liking.  My thoughts on the previous dermatologist were confirmed after yesterday because the new physician was SOOOO thorough.  She examined the mark with a magnifying glass, measured inside and outside marks of the birthmark, she talked with us extensively about our options, and even took pictures.  After leaving her office I felt a big sense of relief!  It is always nice to find a great physician.  If you live in the Knoxville area and you are in need of a dermatologist check out Dr. Grande and The Skin Wellness Center.

Sunday I did something really bad and totally out of character… I bought a gallon of Blue Bell Happy Tracks Ice Cream … the gallon of ice cream only lasted four days!!  I had no idea what I had been missing!

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