March 14, 2012

Reason To celebrate

March 14, 2012

For the past several years I have really dreaded my birthday.  Each year as I crept closer to 30 I would just cringe at the thought of entering a new age bracket.  So as we turned the corner into 2012 the last thing I wanted to think about was March 14th!  However, a few weeks ago this all changed.

It was early one morning and I was up before anyone else preparing for my morning run.  The Lord brought a dear and precious friend to my mind and I immediately started lifting her up to the Lord in prayer.  Her name is Alesha Goodlet and she is 31 years old with two young children (younger than mine) and she has stomach cancer.  I have been so overwhelmed and burdened for her that it was not strange for her to creep into my mind.  As I began to pray for her – asking the Lord to restore her body completely and to give her strength physically and emotional I suddenly became convicted of my own grumblings.

Here I am, not much younger than Alesha, except I do not have cancer and I am grumbling because I am turning 30!  Shame on me!  So today on my 30th birthday I am praising the Lord for another year, another birthday.  I am thanking Him for health and happiness.  Blessing that I certainly do not deserve.

Chris and I have never made a big deal out of each others birthdays, but I think this year that ends because folks we have a reason to celebrate!

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