April 10, 2012

Get Connected … while Disconnecting

April 10, 2012

Let me set the scene:

Chris sat at the booth with Colton and Claire as I went to order our food at one of our favorite fast casual restaurants.  As I’m standing in line I cannot help, but to notice, and stare, at the family of four in the booth right next to where I was standing.  The husband was sitting in the booth with his daughter, I’m guessing she was about eight years old.  He was playing a game on his IPad while the wife sat across from him holding and feeding what appeared to be about an 18 month old little boy.  I was so taken back by what I saw that I could not stop staring and struggled not to just shake my head in disbelief.

Dinner time for our family is what I believe to be one of the most important times of the day.  It is our preference for us to all be together eating at the same time around the table with little to no distractions.  It is then that we can enjoy our meal, fellowship with one another and talk about our day.  Colton usually takes this time to tell Chris what letter and number he did in school that day and then usually goes through his memory verses.  Chris fills me in on his day while asking about mine.  This is really one of the only times during the day (other than when we have breakfast together) that the four of us are all sitting down together with no outside distractions.

So yeah, when I saw this grown man sitting there at the table playing on his IPad I was really taken back.  I could not help, but to think about how disconnected we are all becoming.  Everywhere you look you see slogans such as “Get Connected” with links to companies/organizations Facebook pages, twitter accounts, and now even Pinterst Boards.  Just take the time to look around next time you’re in the grocery store, moms everywhere are shopping while glued to their smart phones paying no attention whatsoever to the two fussy toddlers in the shopping cart.  Maybe it is just me, but I find it so dis-heartening.

It took everything in me not to say to the guy, “put down your game and pay attention to your daughter!… or your wife!”.  Those conversations we have with our children, no matter how small or inadequate we think they may be, will leave lifetime impressions on them and will set the stage for how they mature into teenagers and young adults.  So I challenge you, put down the technology and spend a few extra moments in meaningful conversation with your loved ones.  Granted the conversations may be about Barbie dolls or dump trucks, but hey, if you are not going to talk to them who is??

Seriously, who takes their IPad into a restaurant anyway!?

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