April 4, 2012

The Park

April 4, 2012

The Spring weather has been so incredible.  Last week Colton was on Spring Break and we spent almost everyday at the park.


Claire is big enough now that I can let her play on the play set with very little supervision.  Makes going to the park a lot easier for mom!  This way I am freed up to snap lot of photos.


Colton is really coming into his own.  Last summer/fall we had to really encourage him to go down the bigger slides (he has always been timid), but now he runs around like he owns the place :)


Claire, well she is not timid at all.  She is my free spirited child.  The one thing she enjoys the most at the park is to go up and down the steps.  When she hears the word park the first thing she says is, “steps!”.  So for about 30 minutes she climbed up and down the steps and ran across the bridge.  Every once in a while she would run and give momma a big hug!

I love these days!

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