April 20, 2012

Warm Spring Days

April 20, 2012

The warm spring days have been so wonderful.  As I’m writing this it is chilly and rainy outside … makes me look forward to the many more warm spring days to come.


Colton was super excited when Daddy pulled the tractor out for the first time this spring.  He loves to help mow!  Claire… not so much.  She likes to sit on the mower and pretend to drive, but when it starts up she is ready to go inside.  She says, “the tractor is scurry” … the newest adjective she has added to her vocabulary in the last few weeks.


Claire also got her big introduction to bubbles earlier this spring.  We played with bubbles last spring, but she was around 12 months and really did not get the hang of it then.  We purchase new bubbles and blowers this year.  She and Colton were having fun blowing bubbles (so I thought) and I was preparing dinner in the kitchen… I look out the door to find this:


She was using the wand to put the bubble solution in her hair!


Seriously Claire!  Seriously!  I could not help, but to just laugh!

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