May 18, 2012

Beach Trip 2012

May 18, 2012

We arrived home late Thursday night from our vacation in the gulf.  Everyone loved the beach, but we were all super excited to be home.  The kids were exhausted, but happy to see their toys and their own beds!  Colton kept saying, “this is our home”.  He is such a home-body like his momma!

The beginning of our trip was anything, but ideal!  Both Colton and Claire were sick.  It seemed like they were just having allergy issues so I did not take them to the doctor before we left.  Big FAT mistake!  The drive down was horrible for them – they felt awful!  Colton had a horrendous cough and vomited everywhere twice!  While driving through the heart of downtown Atlanta I found myself digging through luggage trying to find him a change of clothes and cleaning up the mess while holding back the vomit myself!

When we arrived in Panama City we unloaded our vehicle and then headed straight to the walk-in clinic!  The clinic was awesome!  If you are ever in the gulf and need medical care I highly recommend Emerald Coast Urgent Care.  We were in and out in about twenty minutes with a diagnosis (2 upper respiratory infections, 2 cases of tonsillitis and one infected ear!) and some prescriptions.

My two are by no means fans of the the doctors office, but they were little troopers during this visit! 

photo 1  photo 3

On a side note, Claire was 25 pounds and Colton a surprising 36 pounds.

For the next day or two we took it easy.


They watched a ton of cartoon while Claire decided to wear my shorts as a dress and gave her brother lots of love!


We eventually made it to the beach… I will share more later.  For now I have to go un-pack… not fun!

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