May 25, 2012

Beach Trip 2012–Part III

May 25, 2012

We finally made it down to the beach on the first nice day!  The kids (especially Colton) was still a little under the weather, but they were excited to get down to the sand and water to play!  Yes, Claire had to wear her “jewelry” … she’s such a girly girl!


It was hot and very bright outside! 


Colton got a Frisbee the night before at dinner (Sharky’s… yummm) so he and Chris had fun throwing back and forth while Claire played on the lounger…


…can you see her behind Colton?


Colton has sensitive eyes (and ears) so he is not a fan of the overly bright sun… I forgot his sunglasses and hat, but had a visor he wore.


Sand buckets kept Colton and Claire entertained and kept Daddy busy.



“Hi Bruver!”


They played in the water and I went to get them some seashells…


I think I was as white as the sand!

After an hour or so on the beach we made our way up to the pool… Claire thoroughly enjoyed herself!


I am not a big fan of flotation devices, but Claire LOVED playing in the pool with this ring!  She was totally in her element.


Colton played on the steps, but did not want to get in the water.  I think his toe was bothering him.  Did I mention he tore off/up half of his big toenail the day before we left!?  Awful!!!


Our condo was pool level (the one with the safety ring hanging) so we could just hop over the fence and voila!  It was very convenient!


All that swimming made for a hungry little girl!  Off to get some lunch!

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