May 14, 2012

Last Day of K3

May 14, 2012
Last Wednesday was Colton’s last day of K3.  It was such a sweet day… very different from his first day of school.  He has learned so much and is growing into the sweetest young man ever. 

Normally, Chris takes him to school, but I wanted to be the one to drop him off on his last day!  We took lots of pictures and I reminded him it was party day!  He was super excited!!


I walked him to the door and ask to get a picture – he said, “momma I don’t want you to come inside and take pictures.” ha ha ha… I cracked up!  Of course the one picture I took his eyes were closed…


What a difference nine months makes!  Here he is barely three years old …


and now he is almost four!  My little guy is growing so fast!


Sending Colton to preschool was super hard for me… I questioned my decision for a long time. I can say now without hesitation that it was the best decision Chris and I could have made for him!  

Now were off to enjoy all that summer has to offer!

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