June 8, 2012

Cucumber Salsa–Cookbook Giveaway

June 8, 2012

Salsa is a staple food in our house – open our fridge and you will generally find about three or four different varieties.  We love fresh, hot, tomatillo, the list goes on and on.  Recently, I have found my love for making my own salsa using my manual food processor from Pampered Chef.  As much as I (and my husband) love salsa, we love Dr. Josh Axe even more.

Dr. Axe is an author, radio host, and a wellness physician from Nashville, Tennessee.  He has an amazing website with a wealth of information on health and nutritionHis real food diet single handedly released my husband from the bonds of constant migraines, acid reflux, and high blood pressure.  You can find Dr. Axe on facebook, twitter, the radio, and of course his website.  I want to encourage you to go and sign up for his free newsletter and check out his store where you can purchase his amazing, easy to follow cookbook “The Real Food Cookbook

Today for our Sizzling Summer Recipe I want to share with you his Cucumber Salsa.


This salsa looks super yummy and since it is EASY to make it is on my list today for a late afternoon snack!  Head on over to his website to get the full recipe!

Oh, but wait I have more good news!  I am personally giving away a copy of Dr. Josh Axe’s cookbook “The Real Food Diet” … all you need to do is leave a comment below and next Friday I will randomly pick one of you and get this out in the mail!!!


Please note that I was in no way compensated for this blog post or giveaway.

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