June 18, 2012

Fun In The Pool

June 18, 2012
We have had such nice weather so far this summer.  We have not had too many incredibly hot days, but when we do there is nothing better than cooling off in the pool!  Claire completely agrees! 
I am not a fan of inflatables or flotation devices in the pool, but Claire loves this little float!  She first used it at the beach and now every time were close to the pool she says, “I want my float!”
On this hot summer day she made her way to the deep end for the first time… she loved every minute of it!  There is no way around it… she is a water dog!
“Swim, swim, swim” she says.
Colton is a different story this year.  We’re not sure what is going on with him, but he does not really want to get in the pool.  If you know him, you know he is a little timid anyway, but last year we took swim lessons and he was doing an amazing job in the pool.  He loved getting in and would go under water and swim to the side of the pool.  Chris says the swim instructor traumatized him – ha ha…. Colton says he does not want water up his nose, but I have never known that to happen.  Not to mention he has no trouble holding his breath under the water in the bathtub.  I think we just need to ease him and have some one on one pool time with him.
He does however like to stand in the little inlet in the deep end and splash…
Claire quickly joined in on the fun.
“Come on brother!”
She really wanted him to jump in with her!
She had enough and jumped for it!
Colton went on splashing by himself… he enjoyed every second of it too!
DSC_0032   DSC_0034
How are you spending your hot summer days?

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