June 2, 2012

The Gender Is…

June 2, 2012

We waited until I was through my first trimester before talking about the pregnancy with the children.  Claire would not understand too much anyway, but Colton is so much more aware – the last thing I wanted was to tell him about it and then God forbid something bad happen.

So… we waited.  Then when we did mention it we always posed it as a question, “Colton would you like a new baby”.  His response was so a very precise, “No Way!!”  I was immediately concerned and a little heartbroken because he gave me this same answer every time it was mentioned.

Over memorial day weekend Colton was super excited to finally get to meet baby Daniel.  He gave him lots of love… it was so sweet!



So I ask Colton, “would you like a baby brother like baby Daniel” … his response then was totally different!  “Oh yes!” he said.  Shew!  I was relieved.  Well, relieved until I thought, “what if it’s a girl” … ha ha.

Normally, we would not find out the baby gender until 18-20 weeks with our regular ob.  However, I had a friend who did me a favor and had me come in yesterday for a really quick ultrasound in between appointments.

So… I am super excited to announce that this fall we will be having a BOY!

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