June 4, 2012

He Is 4!!

June 4, 2012

I cannot believe that my first born, my little man is four years old today!

It seems like yesterday he was my perfect little newborn.  All six pounds, twelve ounces of him.

6-4-08 (43)

Now he is a very delightful, very sweet, very full of life four year old!


Colton is such a sweet kid.  Yes, he has his moments – were working on the back talking (or front talking as he likes to refer to it… haha) right now.  He loves to do puzzles… he amazes me because he can put together a 60 piece puzzle all by himself! 

You can regularly catch him eating hummus, hexagons, and plain (yes, plain) greek yogurt.  He is a smart little cookie and we are currently working on simple addition.  He melts my heart when I hear him sing “At the cross at the cross where I first saw the light…” and when I see him fold his sweet little hands and ask the blessing during lunch.

Colton Michael, you are an amazing little guy and I love you today more than ever.  I pray that you will always look toward the Lord for everything.  I pray that God will see fit to use your life for His glory and that you will always be obedient to his calling.  We love you brother!  Happy fourth birthday!

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