June 20, 2012

My Pampered Chef Story

June 20, 2012
When Chris and I  found out I was pregnant for the first time it was a no brainer for the two of us that I would become a stay at home mom.  We lived a very frugal lifestyle and saved as much as possible our first five years of marriage which made it possible for me to stay home with Colton.  A decision that I have never questioned.

Around the six month mark I really started missing work.  I missed the sense of accomplishment, I missed starting and finishing tasks, I missed the adult communication, and oh yeah – I missed contributing financially.  As much as I missed all that I knew that working outside of the home was not what I wanted to do.  I tried a few odd things here and there, but nothing too successful.  I spent hours researching work at home jobs and nothing resonated with me.

Fast forward to 2011 - Early last year my sister in law Allison become a Pampered Chef consultant.  I hosted two catalog parties for her and loved the products that I purchased and really loved the ones I received for free!  She regularly told me how easy her “job” was and how much fun it was.  Finally at the end of the year I decided to sign up!  Immediately after signing up I ask myself, “What am I doing!  I am going to hate this!!”.  My starter kit sat in my dining room for several weeks before I even bothered to open it. 

Late January Allison made the long drive (7 hours!… Yes, she loves me!) down to see me and help me do my grand opening show!  That was the end of January and I have not stopped yet!  My schedule has stayed booked and I have been having SO MUCH FUN!  Prior to Pampered Chef my life revolved around my house and kiddos.  I rarely made it outside of my house without a toddler in tow.  Spending two-three hours away from home a few nights a month surrounded by those who love to eat (don’t we all!) has been the best therapy for me!  I have met a lot of new amazing people along the way, enjoyed lots of nice free kitchen products, and oh yeah made a little cash along the way!  I call it my “guilt free girls night out”.
Pampered Chef loves their consultants and they give you all the tools necessary to succeed.  Something you cannot say about all companies.  I set my own schedule, work when I want to work, and I LOVE my “job”!  Seriously, I love it… and I do not even love to cook!!!  They have so many incentives for hitting goals… to this date I have not purchased any business material or products – I have received $600 in free stuff just for hitting my goal!

One of my favorite things to do is set a goal for myself and to smash it!  I am knocking on the door of 15k in sales and would love to hit it in July!  Wish me luck!!
If you would like to know more about the great business opportunity with Pampered Chef please feel free to shoot me an email anytime!  If you would like to host a cooking party and you live within two hours of me just give me a call and we will set it up!  If you live away from the area, but would like to host an online show – we can do that too!!!  It is super easy!  Oh yeah, and if you have an organization that would like to earn some extra cash let me know – I have an amazing fundraiser for the month of July!!!

Meanwhile, hop on over to my website and check out our great products.  Be sure to check back here for lots of great recipes too!

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