July 13, 2012

30 bags in 30 Days–Week 1 Review (Linky)

July 13, 2012
This week I kicked off my 30 bags in 30 days – my attempt to de-clutter my home!  This has been the perfect opportunity to clean out those nook and crannies that I hardly ever touch.  My bedroom was the perfect example, check out this picture:
This was my second go around in our master bedroom.  This picture consist of two bags of trash, two bags of giveaway stuff, and a box of stuff that just needs to go to a different room!   Most everything in the box needs to go to our basement … I will put it there and hopefully get to it when I clean up my office space.  I was shocked at how much trash we had.

We had a first aid kit and a container of meds in our bedroom.  The medicine container mostly consisted of cold medicine, most of which expired in 2005!!  Needless to say all that went to the trash!  Since drastically changing our diet a few years ago I cannot recall taking any cold medicine.  I had a ton of old hair products (my mom and best friend are hairdresser… and I worked in a salon during college – so its natural to assume I have collected a lot of hair products over the years) and lotions that I put in a giveaway bag.  Hair products never make their way into my hair anymore and I have just a few lotions I like.  Not to mention I had three bottles of sunless tanners all of which are suppose to be unsafe during pregnancy. 

Earlier in the week I collected another bag from our room and a bag from the bathroom.  So in total this week I ended up with six bags!  I am not counting the box as a bag because that stuff is not actually leaving the house.

So how about you?  Have you de-cluttered your home lately?  Share your tips in the comment section or link up your blog post!

6 bags down … 24 more to go!

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