July 23, 2012

30 bags IN 30 Days–Week 2 Recap

July 23, 2012
Here is my round up for week two of my 30 bags in 30 days challenge.  I have been under the weather with what I think is just a nasty summer cold for the past few days so this post is a little late. 

This past week I tackled the kitchen (in part) and the playroom.  I could not believe how much stuff we had crammed under our kitchen sink!  I am almost embarrassed to share this picture!


We reuse our grocery bags, mainly for stinky diapers, but seriously… who needs this many bags!  Needless to say 80% of these went out the door!  Claire enjoyed “helping me” with cleaning out this cabinet.  Keeping the spray bottles locked and out of her little hands was a bit of a challenge.  What is it with toddlers and spray bottles?

There was a ton of cleaning supplies under the sink – lots of which I do not even use!  Those made their way to the trash.  There were four cans of Pledge!  I can only assume those came from Sams before I realized how much I HATE pledge on my wood furniture.  We now only use vinegar and water. 
The OxyClean that you see … well I have had that since before I married my husband!  Now how crazy is it that I have been toting that container around for over 10 years!  Nutso!  Needless to say it made its way to the trash!!


Ahhh…. much better!  Claire and I ended up trashing two bags of stuff from under the sink.


I also went through all of my pans.  Three sheet pans, one cookie sheet, bacon tray, and old cutting board all made their way into the giveaway box!  I would call that two bags :).  Pampered Chef has amazing sheet pans and I use my stoneware for cookies and bacon (the half dozen times a year we may eat it) so I had no use for the cookie sheet or bacon tray. 

The playroom:  Sorry I have no before and after pictures, but I did take a picture of the “loot” when I was finished.


We do not have masses of toys, but we do have our fair share.  Some of which never get used because the kiddos forget they have them because they are hidden in the bottom of a basket.  So I went through all of the baskets reorganizing, trashing anything broken or with missing pieces.  I also created a bag for toys for Baby Boy Brooks.  There were several toys/play things that Colton and Claire no longer play with, but by next year we will have a little one who will love playing with these soft squishy toys.  For now they’re in this Janie & Jack bag, but I plan on moving them to a Rubbermaid container for safe keeping.  We ended up with a bag of trash, two bags of giveaway, and one bag to keep for later.
Are you de-cluttering … here are a few of my tips:
  • Focus on one space at a time.  Its easier to do a drawer or two in the master and then get distracted and move to the kitchen.  Try to focus just on the room you are in until you get finished – this may take a week, but will keep you organized and on task.
  • Ask yourself – when is the last time I used this?  Am I really going to use it again?  If I get rid of this items I will be able to do?
  • Have a designated box for “giveaway” stuff as well as “garage sale” if you plan on having one once you are finished.
Week 1 – 6 bags
Week 2 – 7 bags
13 bags down … 17 to go!
If you’re de-cluttering or have in the past please link up your post below!

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