July 24, 2012

Cell Phone Pictures–Summer 2012

July 24, 2012
Recently I made the switch from the Blackberry to the IPhone.  It was more a work decision than anything.  I really miss my Blackberry!  The one thing I do like better on the IPhone is the camera.  I take pictures with it all time… here is proof!

When Colton and Chris go to get haircuts Claire has to get in on the action.  It is so cute!  Of course it is just a pretend haircut!


This picture really deserves a post of its own!  While visiting with my good girlfriend Christine, Colton was playing with my phone … later when I was going through my phone I found about 30 pictures of this pose!  Honestly, it cracks me up!  These two were making faces and attempting to take pictures of themselves.  I really wish Colton would have gotten more of her in the picture!


17 weeks pregnant.  This was right after my morning sickness cleared up and I was actually able to lace up my shoes and hit a little bit of pavement.  I pulled in three very slow miles this day!  I miss running… sooooo much!


Chris’ dad (Papaw) now has 20 chickens!  The kids love the chickens.  When we sing “Jesus Love Me” at night, Claire always adds in that Jesus loves the chickens too!


Colton loves to feed the chickens through the fence and they both like helping to collect the fresh eggs!


Because I’m silly and I take pictures of everything I snapped a photo of this outfit after I purchased it… this will be Baby Boy Brooks first church outfit.  Hopefully we will have a name nailed down soon and I can stop calling him “Baby Boy Brooks”.


One of my favorite things about summertime is Vacation Bible School.  Prior to having Colton I taught the six year old class for several years.  It is always such a blessing.  Colton’s favorite part of VBS is definitely song time!

Here are a few shots I snapped of him doing the motions to one of the songs… he really gets into it!
30     2627     39

He was so excited about his craft necklace he made on the second night and also getting to hold the bible another night.

29     31

We have been out on the boat a lot this summer.  Colton is always in the captains seat with Daddy…


… and Claire… well, as soon as she steps foot on the boat she wants her blankie and me!  She lays down on my chest and is out in no time flat!


Seriously, every time!


When we have not been in the boat we’ve been in the pool… I just love Colton’s smile in this picture!


Colton and Claire LOVE play-doh!  They can seriously spend 30-45 minutes sitting at the kitchen table playing with play-doh.


This day my mom was over and she helped them make fun creations!


I snap photos of my two in the car all the time… especially when they are sleeping!


or being silly… or looking cute.


This was Claire (sort of) wearing Colton’s boxers… she worked all morning to snatch them and get them on … “all by herself!”


I love for my kiddos to wearing matching outfits… how much fun is it going to be next summer dressing Colton and his baby brother alike!?


This was 4th of July at the Lake.


Dancing to The Fresh Beat Band… seriously, everyone should witness this because it is soooo darn cute (if I do say so myself)!


This is Claire in her own little world during Sunday School.  Colton will not stay without Chris or myself in there with him.  I thought after starting school last year he would, but nopers.  Its just not worth him being upset over so one of us always stays.  However, I think Claire could care less who was in there with her!


They were outside playing one evening while I was making dinner… I looked out and Colton was pushing Claire on the swing.  This was just such a sweet brother/sister moment.  How do you like the rain boots?  Do you remember these from Claire’s birthday post?


This girl likes to eat… just about anything including Mexican!


After a recent trip to Home Depot Colton and Claire scored their very own Aprons!  They loved them, but Colton did not want his picture taken.


Colton received some great gifts for his birthday.  One of the best was a little doctors kit.  They both play with it daily!  They use their table as an exam table and check each others heart, chest, ears, temp, and give shots.  Sometimes Claire’s baby is the patient.


Then sometimes Daddy is the patient.


And this ladies and gents… this is why we drive around with dirty vehicles!  Our kiddos are TERRIFIED of the carwash!


I leave you with this… my current addiction!  If you have not tried the Chick-fil-A Chocolate Chunk Cookies you are truly missing out!  We typically do not eat sweets.  We definitely do not buy them and bring them home, but for some reason I have been craving these bad boys like crazy.  Ahhh, think I may need to make a trip to Knoxville tomorrow!


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