July 3, 2012

Refreshing… He’s In The Water

July 3, 2012

Warm weather hit and we hit the pool… well some of us hit the pool!  This summer Colton has not wanted to get in the water.  It has been mind boggling to me!  Last year we did swim lessons and he did great swimming underwater and to the side of the pool.  This year – no way… he has not wanted to come off the steps.  I knew all it would take would be getting him in one time and reassuring him we would not make him go under.


So finally, I told Chris “just grab him and pull him in with you…”  Chris did and Colton loved it!


The two of them swam back and forth back and forth forever…


Kicking and splashing …


Claire did not like being on the “sidelines” … she wants Daddy’s full attention at all times.  This bossy little finger says it all.


And this smile says it all!!


We had a great day!


Thanks Daddy!!

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