August 31, 2012

Memory Verse Cards–w-Z–Free Printable

August 31, 2012

Yesterday I realized I had not posted these last for Memory Verse Cards… hope you enjoy!

W - pS 188 1   X - II Pet 1 4

Y - Jn 15 14   Z - Lk 19 5

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August 30, 2012

Clothing Sale–Girls (Janie & Jack, etc…)

August 30, 2012
I have a friend who is doing a Blog Sale Link Up on her blog so I thought I would give it a try!  I usually sell Claire’s clothes to people I know or on ebay, but I thought I would give this a shot!  It is a lot quicker than ebay anyway.

So below you will see pictures of items with description and price.  Shipping is $2.50 per item unless otherwise stated.  I will combine shipping and give a discount on multiple items.  So you will pay the shipping price of the highest item then $1 per each additional item.  My shipping method will be the good ole USPS.
If there is something here you would like to purchase please leave a comment – “Sold – the item number – and your paypal email address”.  If you do not feel comfortable leaving your email address you can email me directly to

Please excuse my wrinkles – these things were store in a rubbermaid tote.  We are a PET FREE and a SMOKE FREE home.  I wash all my children’s items in Dreft or Tide Free detergent and I hang dry.

#1 – Rabbit Moon / 18-24 months / $5

#2 – 2 piece Gymboree / 12-18 months / $4 (Sold )

#3 – Janie & Jane Yellow Dress / 12 – 18 months / $10.00

#4 – Rosalina / 18 months / $15.00 (Sold)

#5 – Strasburg Smoked Dress (favorite!) / 12 months / $15.00 (Sold)

#6 – Strasburg smoked dress blue / 6 months / $15.00 Sold - Pending Sale

#7 – Janie & Jack 3 piece Set / Dress w/ Sweater and Coat / $30 – Retails $160

#8 – Janie & Jack 2 pc Set / 18-24 months / $10.00

#9 – Rabbit Moon / 2pc 18-24 months / $5 (Sold)

#10 – Gap 2 pc Set Dress w/ Yellow Line Jacket (adorable!) / 12-18 mos / $15.00 / $4 shipping

#11 – Gymboree 3pc Set / 18-24 months / $12.00 / $4.00 shipping

#12 – Ralph Lauren Polo Sweater cream / 12 months / $8.00 (Sold)

#13 – Ralph Lauren Polo White Sweater / 12 months / $8.00 - Sold

#14 – Janie & Jack Jeans / 6-12 months / $7.00 (Sold Payment Pending)

#15 – Strasburg 2 pc Set / 12 months (fits big) / $10.00

#16 – Ralph Lauren Dress w/ bloomers / 24 months / $6.00

#17 – 2pc Janie & Jack / Top 12-18 mos & Pants 6-12 mos / $10.00

#18 – 6 Swaddlebees Organic Velour Cloth Diapers (some staining) / $48.00 for all 6 / $5.00 shipping.  I will send additional photos if you want.

#19 – 2 pc bow set (open stock – I make these as ordered) / available on alligator clip, elastic headband, lace headband, or skinny headband / both for $6.00

#20 – giraffe print bow (open stock – I make these as ordered) / available on alligator clip, elastic headband, lace headband, or skinny headband / $4.00

#21 – print bow (open stock – I make these as ordered) / available on alligator clip, elastic headband, lace headband, or skinny headband / $4.00

#21 – orange/white headband (open stock – I make these as ordered) / available on alligator clip, elastic headband, lace headband, or skinny headband / $4.00
New Bows

#22 – Coach Leather Bag (love this bag) – Authentic / $50.00 / $6.00 Shipping

#22 – Coach Patent Leather Bag (love this bag) – Authentic / $50.00 / $6.00 Shipping SOLD

#23 – Ralph Lauren Polo / Ladies Pink Chambray Dress w/ Belt (looks news) / Size 8 / $15.00

#24 – Ralph Lauren Polo / Ladies Blue Chambray Dress w/ Belt (looks news) / Size 8 / $15.00

#24 – Ralph Lauren Polo / Ladies Aqua Blue Mesh Dress  / Size Small / $10.00
Happy Shopping!

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August 28, 2012

Pampered Chef Special–10% Off

August 28, 2012

For the next 4 days I am offering 10% off Pampered Chef orders over $100 when you order through my website and my show.  We have a ton of products that are being discontinued and you can only order them through August 31st (see the list below). 

Also, due to the rising gas prices and the fact that Pampered Chef wants to keep the prices of their products as low as possible they have had to raise the price of shipping which is effective September 1st.  Currently, you can have all your items shipped to you for a low flat rate of $4.75.  On September the price of shipping goes up to $5.25 – flat rate.

10% off


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August 27, 2012

Emergency Information–Free Printable

August 27, 2012

Two weeks ago I had a friend who had to call poison control and then rush her little girl to Children’s Hospital for digesting prescription sleeping medicine.  This was such a terrifying situation that had me overwhelmed and heart-broken for my friend and her little one.  Praise the Lord that the little one is perfectly fine now, but none the less it was a very scary situation.  I have been wanting to add an “Emergency Information” sheet to my home binder – this recent event got me moving!

Here is what I have come up with… I am sure I will probably modify later on, but I feel like this is a good start.  If you frequently have babysitters this is a great sheet to go along with your babysitter information sheet.

Emergency Info

To go along with this emergency contact sheet I have found a few CPR sheets to go along with it.

CPR ChartCPR Chart 2


Do you and your family have plans for incase of emergencies?  Please share!

If you would like this printable for yourself click on the image – it will open up in a new window.  Then, right click and choose to “save image as…” and save it to your computer.

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First Day of K4

This is my cute little man on his first day of K4!


I had not been looking forward to this day for fear of tears and major anxiety from my little guy.  This summer has been wonderful … playing at the park, running errands together, and just hanging out.  I knew once he started school back I was going to miss him so much!


We had been talking about school for a while, trying to get him use to the idea of going back.  Whenever I mentioned it he told me he did not want to go.  When we picked up school supplies he became really upset and told me on numerous occasions, “you can take those things to school all by yourself mom!”  A few weeks before school started we went to pick up uniforms and I spent the entire time reassuring him we were there just to pick up clothes and he was not staying.  It was at that time that I become very nervous about his first week!

DSC_0008     DSC_0009

The morning of his first day things went very smooth!  Colton actually woke up on his own at 7am!  All summer he had been sleeping in past 8am so I was a little concerned the morning routine was not going to go so well.  He proved me wrong.

However, the night before was a different story.  Before bedtime Colton always ask “what are we doing tomorrow?”.  He was sitting at the table finishing up a snack and when he ask and I told him “well Colton you have school tomorrow”… and que emotional breakdown!  This was unexpected because the Friday before when we visited the school to pay tuition and see his classroom his entire attitude changed.  Once he saw his classroom and things with his name on it he was excited to go!  I was shocked!  In K4 they have their own desk where as in K3 the students were at tables in groups of six.  “Oh I’m going to have my own desk just like you and Daddy!”.  Once he realized all his friends were going to be there he was excited too.  It was that day that we started doing a countdown – “only five more days until school” … Monday he said, “only 2 more days until school”.  So when he ask on Tuesday night what we were doing the next day I thought when I told him he was going to school he would be fine.  I was wrong!

The next hour I spent talking to him and explaining to him that his friends would be there and momma would be right there to pick him up.  By the time he feel asleep he was fine.  Shew!

Of course I spent much of the morning snapping photos.  “Colton how much do you love Momma?”



Walking into school was a family affair.



We had some church friends offer to snap a photo of all of us.  I was thankful to be able to get in front of the camera even if I did look like a hot mess!


These are seriously three of my most favorite people in the whole world!


On the first day they welcome parents to come in with the students and get them situated in their classroom.


See Claire?  She wanted to go in and stay!  Seriously, if they would take her I think I would let her stay – ha ha.


Did I mention he LOVES his desk!?  Seriously, these are the sweetest pictures ever!


Of course, I stayed way too long!


Yep, I stayed until he teared up…


… and this is Chris making fun of me!  Ha ha ha!


Overall he had a terrific first day… a great first week (3 days).  He loves his teacher and his classmates.  I am so thankful for a great school and a sweet little man!

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