August 18, 2012

Beautiful Park Day

August 18, 2012

Our weather has been super wacky this summer – very typical for us.  We had not been to the park since the end of June until last weekend.  It has either been scorching hot or raining.  We have had a ton of rain!  However, last Saturday the weather was perfect (high 70’s) and Colton had mentioned the park a few times so the four of us headed out before lunch.


I have posted several time about how Colton likes to go and ‘explore’.  He love this balance beam too!  It was the first thing he headed toward when we arrived.




I just love that smile!  He was so proud of himself!



Claire enjoys it too… with Daddy’s help of course.  She was a total Daddy’s girl this day and did not want me to help her at all!



I believe her favorite thing at the park is probably the slides.

The slides are tall and this one is twisty so she wants to hold someone's hand while sliding down… of course it had to be her Daddy’s hand. 

DSC_0095     DSC_0099

Colton likes to try out the monkey bars… these were my favorite when I was in grade school.  I remember doing the monkey bars until I had blisters on my hands.


Claire also enjoys climbing… always has.



The cutest thing was the two of them going down the slide together.


Claire would say “Ready… set… go!”


They did this over… and over… and over.


Eventually Claire become tired of running around and going up the steps so Chris just started lifting her back up on the slide.



I love Colton’s expressions in these photos.  He was having so much fun.



While we were there we saw several people running.  This is a great park because one loop in 1/2 mile so it is easy to track your distance.  As one lady was running by Chris looked at me with curious eyes and I simply responded, “yes!  Yes, I’m jealous!”.  I was, I am!  I miss running SOOO much!  My last big run was my 1/2 Marathon at seven weeks pregnant.  I could barely hold down food until around fourteen weeks so running was no where in the picture for me during that time.  Then I was so tired all the time, then is became SOOO hot.  Now, I have a lot more energy, but I am SO out of shape and oh yeah – the big belly is in the way! 

After the slides wore everyone out we went over to the swings and I decided that I was going to try out a lap.  The first tenth of a mile I thought I was going to die and contemplated turning around and walking back.  It was not long though that my legs adjusted to the pavement.  It was a glorious 1/2 mile – ha ha.  I really enjoyed it and cannot wait to get back on a training schedule!  December 31st is circled on my calendar!

We finished out the beautiful day at the park with some more exploring.


Claire fell off the swings while I was running (a first), notice the dirt on her arm.  She was such a trooper though.  She has figured out how to swing from these bars like brother and she loves it.


These bars and the balance beam run neck and neck for Colton’s favorite thing to do at the park.  “Look mom!  One arm!”


Such a big girl!


We are looking forward to many more cooler and beautiful days at the park!  Before we know it there will be another little one to tote around!  Shew… how on earth!?…

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