August 13, 2012

Encouragement–Lunchbox Notes–Free Printable

August 13, 2012

Proverbs 18:21 tells us “death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they have that love it shall eat the fruit thereof”.  This verse is one that I try to keep in the forefront of my mind – especially when speaking to my  husband and children.  I always want to be their biggest encourager … their biggest cheerleader.  Letting them know when they have done a good job or re-enforcing good behavior is so important. 

It is no surprise that “Words of Affirmation” is my love language!  The sweet thing is Colton has this gift as well (yes, I consider it a gift) … he is the sweetest little encourager ever.  Sometimes even with silly stuff – “mommy you did a great job pulling those weeds!”. 

I love the idea of Lunchbox Notes.  Colton cannot read yet, so last year I would just draw a smiley face or something cute on his napkin.  I made a few little blank notes to do just that this year and as I was working I thought about making a few notes for my readers to use!  This is about a fourth of what I actually have created… I got carried away!  Hopefully I will get them all up in the next few weeks.

So take the time – print them off… cut them and store them so each day you can put one in a lunchbox, snack bag, or even just drop it in a backpack.  Some already have little notes and some are blank for you to leave your own words of encouragement!  Enjoy!

lunchbox notes 2

lunchbox notes 4

lunchbox notes 3    lunchbox notes 1

If you would like this printable for yourself click on the image – it will open up in a new window.  Then, right click and choose to “save image as…” and save it to your computer.

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