August 6, 2012

My 10 Top … $10 & Under Pampered Chef Items

August 6, 2012

It is often ask which Pampered Chef products are my favorite.  To be honest, it is a hard question to answer!  I love and use so many of our product that narrowing it down to my favorites is near impossible.  Instead I put together a list of my top 10 items $10 and under.  This was actually a bit of a task too, but I think I have it down… check it out.


#1656 Mini Mix ‘n Scraper - $9.50

I use this scraper all the time. It is great for scooping and scraping out of smaller measuring cups and my manual food processor.  I use it often with my small batter bowl.  In our kitchen this gets more use than the small scraper (the small is more of a regular size… not sure why it is considered small). Heavy Duty silicone heads are fused directly to the handles so you never have to worry about them falling off. They will not crack, burn, melt, or stain.


#2477 Stainless Mini Whisk - $10.00

Just like the mini scraper this mini whisk gets more use in my kitchen than the larger whisk. It too is great for using in small batter bowl, large measuring cups, or prep bowls. These are rust-resistant.


#1001 Bar Board - $10.00

This is super convenient to use and to store. It’s a great cutting board to take along too. I use it for cutting smaller items or when using my food chopper! Best thing is it will not dull your knives! It also grips the countertop so it will not slide around.  Great for college students in dorms or small apartments.


#2622 Mini-Serving Spatula - $5.50

I always use this spatula with my stoneware. Always! It is small, stainless, and super easy to handle. Great for serving brownie slices, mini pizzas, etc...


#1755 Silicone Basting Brush - $9.50

I love this because it is made with silicone bristles instead of hair bristles. It is perfect for using with sauces, melted butter, brushing oil & egg onto food and pastries. Stain & odor resistant. The only basting brush I use!


#1302 Pizza Cutter - $10.00

This pizza cutter is great for not only pizzas, but even slices of brownies, quesadillas, and garlic bread. It is super sharp and comes with a protective storage cover.


#1072 Serrated Peeler - $8.50

This peeler is super sharp and best for fruits and veggies with soft, thick or waxy skins like peaches, pears, cucumbers, and zucchini. This is the only peeler I use… I use it for everything!


#1114 Kernel Cutter - $8.50

We do not eat a lot of corn so this is not used very often in my house, but this summer the kernel cutter has been my most purchased item! It quickly removes kernels from cobs… great for dinner use or to use when freezing your fresh garden corn!  Super sharp and comes with a protective storage cover.


#2731 Ice Cream Scoop - $9.00

Best thing is it is dishwasher safe! Great pointed head cuts through hard ice cream and scoops down to the bottom of the carton. Scalloped edges scrape the sides & top. Handle protects your hand from the cold metal.


#9662 Chocolate Peanut Butter Sauce - $10.00

Need I say any more? Choose between this sauce, chocolate caramel, cherry almond, chocolate peppermint, caramel, and chocolate raspberry.  One of these sauce pair with an ice cream scoop makes a great gift!


What is your favorite Pampered Chef product?

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