September 20, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

September 20, 2012

Labor Day weekend we enjoyed our last boat ride of the summer.


Despite the heat it was delightful!  This guy really enjoyed it!


Claire took to her normal spot – right on my big pregnant belly!


Colton snuggled up with his Papaw and enjoyed a few snacks.

I love his smile!


It has been a terrific summer.  Filled with lots of fun.  We all enjoyed the pool, the sun, and especially the beach.  However, I am happy to welcome Fall!  This is my favorite time of year – football, colorful trees, long sleeve shirts, driving with the windows open, and the list goes on and on.  Best of all… this fall we will be welcoming a new little one!  Have I mentioned I am still in shock over this!?  You would think 31 weeks in the shock would have left, but nope… still surreal.  I can almost smell his newborn skin already.

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