September 11, 2012

Little ChickADee

September 11, 2012

My father in law has a bunch of chickens.  The kids love them!  Claire even adds them to the end of “Jesus Love Me”.   “Yes, Jesus Loves Claire, and Colton, and Mommy, and Daddy, and Papaw, and Mamaw, and Scrapper, and the Chickens…” it is so darn cute!

Labor Day weekend we spent the night with Papaw and Mamaw.  Colton and Claire could not wait to get outside and see the chickens.


This summer Papaw purchased more chickens (and a Rooster!) for a total of 20!  The chickens are not entirely cage free (they would not survive with foxes and etc… in the area), but they produce awesome eggs!  A few of the new chickens are now producing… can you guess which egg is from the new chicken???


The size difference was so huge I had to snap a photo!

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