September 6, 2012

Our bed

September 6, 2012

There must just be something special about laying in Mommy and Daddy’s bed because our two want to get in our bed all time time!

Our children have never been co-sleepers, but we do welcome them in sometimes in the morning and at night to read books before heading to their beds.


This was one of the rare mornings when Claire actually let Colton love on her…


She is generally not a morning person and certainly is not in the mood to be snuggled with that early.  Colton is the polar opposite.  When he wakes up he will spend the first thirty minutes snuggling with you whether it is in the bed or in my lap in the floor… yep, that is what we did this morning right in the middle of the hallway.


He is our lover and she is coming around :)

Notice the quilt?  This is hard for me to believe, but this has been on our bed for 10 years!  We have changed bedding a few times in 10 years, but this quilt has remained.  It was a wedding gift from my mother in law – it was her very first quilt!  We love it!

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