October 13, 2012

10 Fabulous Fall Wreaths

October 13, 2012

Pinterest as most or all of you know is so addictive!  I think I have spent hours looking at just wreaths!  I have never had a wreath hung in my home, but I think it is about time I get one!  Seriously, these are sooo cute and apparently simple to make.  Check out some of my favorite Fall Wreath finds.

Fall Wreaths

You can find these on the web by clicking here:

1.  Wreath with tutorial from Positively Splendid

2.  Potpourri Wreath from Sweet Something Designs

3.  Swing Batter Batter by the Pinterest Project

4.  Burlap Wreath from Trendy Tree by Leslee at Bienvenue Designs

5.  Thanksgiving Wreath from Two Inspire You on Etsy

6.  Easy Felt Wreath with Tutorial

7.  Candy Corn Door Decoration from BHG

9.  Corn Wreath – Cannot find the original source.  This is my favorite!

10.  F is For Fall and Football Wreath

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