October 12, 2012

Be Your Own boss!

October 12, 2012
Since the birth of Colton I have been a stay at home mom.  I love being home with my little ones, but there were certainly days when I missed working!  I missed being around other adults, contributing to the growth of a business, and yeah I missed the extra income.  In January my sister in law introduced me to her business and I have been forever changed.

Where else can you start your OWN business for $40!?  Starting my business has been a huge return on my investment.  I earn extra income, I set my own schedule, if I do not want to work then I do not have to work.  If I want to take a month off from my business then I do.  Some months I do 3 show in one week and do nothing for the rest of the month.  Oh yeah, and my “work” consist of meeting great people and having parties!  Who does not like to party!?

For the month of October Pampered Chef is offering a 50% rebate on both of their start up kits.  The mini-kit can be yours for $40 – it has $225 in products.  The Large kit can be yours for $79.50 and is valued at $580. 

Basically all the company ask of you is for you to try the business for four shows.  Its like dating the company for a bit, not a marriage.  If after four shows, you say “this is not for me” then you do nothing, but enjoy all your great products!  The shows themselves, Pampered Chef has an outline for what to do and the kit comes with a training DVD.  The web has TONS of training info too!  Not to mention our fabulous team leaders and trainers that will help you every step of the way!

So here is what I want to do … I want to open up the floor for questions from you!  Ask me any question you want about starting your own Pampered Chef business!  Anything!  Everyone who asks a question will be entered into a drawing for a free gift!  I will run this through next Friday the 19th of October.  Sound good???  Ready?  Go!!

Oct New Consultant Special

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