October 3, 2012

Blog Changes

October 3, 2012
Slowing over the past few months I have been making some major and some minor changes to my blog.  I assume you have noticed the new layout.  Leslie over at Sweetie Baby Blog Design helped me redesign my blog and at the same time adding a few new features.  I now have Facebook, twitter, and pinterest buttons all located on the left side bar.  You can click either of those and be taken to my pages.

Along the top I have added a navigation bar which I love!  There is an “About Me” section where you can read about boring ole me and my wild crew.  I have a tabs so you can easily find my Printables and Recipes.  The Community tab is available too where you will be directed to my Blog Frog page called “Mom on the Run”.  I am hoping to develop a community of others moms who love to run and exercise.  The Work From Home tab is a work in progress, I am hoping to get it updated soon!  Just last week Leslie added my PR/Contact page.  I am super excited to now offer sponsorship for my blog.  This is a great way for readers of my blog to find other wonderful blogs and/or websites – and vice verse. 

The ad spots are VERY reasonably priced and super easy to purchase!  Right now I am offering a 20% discount on my biggest ad spot “The Superhero”.  Just use the code  BBLaunch when making your purchase.  You will need a “button” (image) so readers will know where to click to find your site – if you do not have one just give me a buzz (shoot me an email) and I can help you out!
There are other changes that I am eventually wanted to make, but those will have to wait a while!  Stay tuned though!

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