October 11, 2012

Body Image… And Pregnancy!

October 11, 2012

Warning!  This is not a Halloween prank… just an unedited – no makeup photo of pregnant me!

Body image has never really been one of those things I have dealt with or suffered with through the years.  All through high school I was that averaged sized girl who never really thought much about her weight.  Weight was never an issue in my home growing up.  It was something we never discussed so I really never thought about it.  I actually never remember having a set of scales in our home.  My parents reinforced good eating habits (most of the time), and I was a fairly active teen.  So the high school years were really not that big of a deal.

When college rolled around things changed slightly.  I worked out more, but ate much worse.  Naturally, my weight went up and I become more self conscious.  Then came child bearing!  Oh boy does you body ever change once you get pregnant!  It was an adjustment, but one that I did not mind too much.  That was until this third pregnancy.  I am going to contribute it to the fact that this time when I got pregnant I was at my lowest weight in probably six to ten years.  Ten pounds less than when I got pregnant with Colton. I was in decent shape because I had been running weekly double digits.

Once I was far enough along to realize I was pregnant the sickness set in and the running slowly faded away.  Quickly I started to show.  “They” say this happens with each additional pregnancy.  Ahhh… and then the weight.  There is no way around the scale when you’re pregnant.  Once a month you have to hop on and see that nasty number, then every two weeks they make you step up on there!  Cruel I tell you… just cruel.  Needless to say I had a rough time the first few months with my “body image”.  I just felt nasty and fat.  It was depressing.  I had never experienced this before and did not know how to deal with it.  It took me a few months to get over the hump, but now I have decided to just embrace it!  Here is proof!

photo (12)

Yep, this is me – this past week… 34 weeks pregnant!  We took a mini-vacation to a cabin in the Smokies and my hubby snapped this photo for me to send to my out of town sister-in-law.  I rarely post photos of myself on my blog and certainly have never posted one with me so “un-kept”.  But I thought, what the heck… this is me.  Just the way the Lord made me … and I am going to embrace it!  This is most likely my last pregnancy so why not enjoy this baby bump while I have it!?

Besides, I am looking forward to the challenge of getting back to this body… I almost do not recognize myself!  Knoxville Half Marathon 2013 here I come!

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