October 26, 2012

Cleaning Out Your Closet Blog Sale

October 26, 2012


Who needs to clean out some closets to make room for new fall clothes!?  I know I do.  I have cleared out most of the stuff that no longer fits and now I need to do something with it! 

At the end of August a blog friend of mine sponsored a blog sale where other bloggers could all link up and sale their clothing items.  Most of which was kids clothes.  You can check out my post here.  Typically, I sell my children’s clothes to friends, on ebay, or I give them away.  However, this blog sale sounded like fun and I gave it a try!  I found it much easier than messing with ebay and met a few new mom bloggers along the way.  A win win for everyone.  I wanted to give it another and the blogger who did the first sale is not planning on doing it again for a while so I have decided to sponsor my very own blog sale.
Here is how it works.  We will set a date.  Our start date for the very first “Cleaning Out Your Closet Blog Sale” will be next Thursday November 1st.  I plan to run my sale for six days and ship everything out on the following Wednesday.

The easiest thing to do is to take snap shots of your items and upload them into a blog post.  Add a brief description followed by the price of the item and how much it will cost to ship.  I generally make all of my items the same price to ship.  If someone buys multiple items I will just add $1 per each additional item.  So for example if shipping is $3 and they buy four items I will charge $3 for the first item and then an additional $3 for the remaining three items for a total of $6 shipping.  Make sense?
The biggest questions I receive when talking to someone about selling clothes online (ebay) are shipping questions.  Shipping is simple though.  Once your person pays for their item (you will need a paypal account and so will they) then you bag up your items and ship them out.  I use poly-mailers, but I have also used large manila envelopes.  Do not be intimated by the shipping factor.  If you have any questions please ask – I am here to help!

Purchases – once someone leaves a comment with what they would like to purchase I go into my paypal account and send them an invoice for the total.  In the process I edit the blog post to say that “sale is pending” on that particular item.  You do not have to do this, I just like to.  Once I receive payment I mark the item as sold.  It’s as simple as that!

My suggestion is to start small.  Give it a test run.  Pick out half a dozen items and go from there.  I plan on doing this sale at least once a month and it there is a good turnout maybe twice a month!  So get your blog post ready and be back here Thursday morning at 9am to link up your blog post!!! 

Oh yeah… and here is my button you can add to your post!

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