October 18, 2012

First Optometrist Appointment

October 18, 2012
Among the other annoy things that are required, the state of Kentucky also requires that all four year old pre-school students have their eyes check by a licensed optometrist.   Have I mentioned that I wish my son’s preschool was in Tennessee!?  So even though he had an eye exam at the pediatrician at his four year old well child visit, we still had to trot off to the optometrist.  He had his first dentist appointment the week prior so I anticipated this appointment to be a breeze.


And it was… He hopped up in the chair and was ready to go!

The technician did not think he would be able to recognize his letter… hmmm okay.  She must not work with many four year olds.  Or is it that many four year olds do not recognize their ABC’s???  Nonetheless, he passed this part with flying colors!


He is seriously such a big boy!  I want to keep him little forever!


Next up was the optometrist.

Funny story… I actually had talked to the optometrist before and did not realize who she was until she pointed it out to me at this appointment.  Total pregnancy brain.  She has a four year old who goes to the same school as Colton.  I remember seeing her several times at school pickup – she had a newborn in hand and a toddler at arms length.  Ahh, a mom of three – with children about the same age as mine.  I watched her for several days and finally said to myself, “okay, she’s doing this… I can do this too!”.  Silly?  Maybe, but watching her manage all three of them helped ease my anxiety!  So one day while walking back to our vehicles, me with my two and four year old in hand and her with her three little ones in hand I stopped her and told her that she had “given me hope” that I could do it too!  Come to find out she and my husband graduated High School together.  Small world.


Overall everything checked out great!  Hopefully we are finished with doctor appointments for a while.

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