October 29, 2012

Photo Dump

October 29, 2012

Every now and then I clean up my phone and find pictures I forgot I had taken.  Or in this case see pictures that I did not know were taken.


This was one of the rare moments when they were letting me read to them before bedtime. They usually prefer to have Daddy read to them. As you can see it was a struggle for all 3 (I mean 4) of us to fit in the chair. We were reading one of their new Llama Llama books. These are seriously some of my favorite books!


In K4 this year Colton is learning to write in cursive!  I have been so proud by how good he is doing!  I posted this on our fridge and took a picture to send to Chris!  Proud momma!


I have been refreshing myself with both of these books!  Preparation for Parenting is my “go to” book!  It is incredible and following the simple practices is why I have such great sleepers!  Of course I am reading up once again on Natural Childbirth since I am shooting for my third natural delivery.  It is amazing how much you forget!

A few weeks ago I tried my hand at making Sourdough Cinnamon Bread.  Of course I could have never done it without the help of my husband’s step father.  We made 14 loaves!  It was so much fun.  I ended up giving away 10.  I am hoping to make a few more batches between now and Christmas.  These make great gifts!


My two have growing imaginations and I love it!  Recently, the have been going “grocery shopping” around the house!  It took me forever one day to find the lasagna noodles they snatched off the kitchen counter.


From time to time I let Colton skip his nap so we can have some quality time together.  I enjoy it so much, but I think he enjoys it even more.  This day we colored together for the longest time!


On a cool Saturday morning we spotted this momma and her two babies outside our kitchen door!  I could not believe these deer were right in our yard.  We are not seclude, but we do have a somewhat private back yard.


The momma was on the watch while her little ones grazed.


This was me getting cloth diapers ready for “Baby B” … he will be using these before we know it!


Isn’t this an awesome full moon!?


These two love to play hide-and-seek.  I think it is one of their favorite games to play.  Even in my Elephant ears!


Pampered Chef is running a fun incentive for consultants right now.  I earned this adorable bracelet and they send me charms when I reach certain goals… Needless to say the bracelet now belongs to Claire!

Ahem! Can you say, “bracelets!?”


This first picture is Chris consoling Colton… he was upset because Daddy was going to work :(

The next picture is Colton wearing his ear muffs that Daddy bought him – he wears these while they mow together… this totally cracked me up!


Lately I have been noticing Claire playing with her hair… I think its too cute.


Colton attempting Daddy’s funny face!  Makes me crack up every time I think about it!


This is one of those rare quiet moments of them playing together.


Colton snuggling with Papaw… this is also rare!


I took these photos to send to Chris.  I was suppose to wait on him to put Claire’s bed together, but I could not help myself!  Not to mention I was proud of myself for getting the frame together.  As if that was not enough I moved them room around too!  Chris only scolded me a little ;)


Here she is… her first time in her big girl bed!


Lunch with Daddy… and snuggling with sissy!


Shew… that is a lot of pictures!

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