October 1, 2012

Ramblings Of A Pregnant Lady

October 1, 2012

Can you believe it is October first!?  When November gets here life is really going to change, so I really want to make the most of October… I have a ton of stuff planned for us!

  • We plan on spending some time in the Smokies for Fall Break… this is a yearly tradition.  Colton LOVES the cabin and momma LOVES the shopping and relaxing.  Hopefully, we will make it to Dollywood and maybe the Aquarium.
  • I am most excited about visiting Oakes Farm in Corryton, TN.  We had so much fun last year and hopefully will have double the fun this year.  I am bummed though that I somehow managed to miss the groupon for this!
  • I want to make and decorate fall cookies with the kiddos!
  • This weekend we decided on Halloween Costumes and the kids are so excited.  Colton is going to be Jake and Claire Izzy – from Jake and The Neverland Pirates!  One of their favorite cartoons! 
  • I also want to spend a few days making some freezer meals for after the baby arrives.

The Vols almost beat #5 Georgia this weekend in what seemed to be a battle of offenses.  Our team played their hearts out and I am still proud to be a Tennessee Vol.  Oh yeah, and did you hear/see that Kathy Lee and Hoda from the Today Show are at the University of Tennessee this morning!?  Super cool!  They’re broadcasting from The Hill … walking up that Hill to Ayers Hall is one of the few thing I do not miss about college!

This past week I had three Pampered Chef shows!  By Saturday night I was wiped out.  I love doing these show and I really like grouping them all into one week and then do nothing for another week (or two… ha ha), but at this point in my pregnancy it is exhausting.  My host did receive a combined $400 of free products so that makes me a happy consultant!

Speaking of pregnancy, I am 33 weeks!  So crazy to think that in less than seven weeks (I’m predicting) we will get to meet our new baby boy.  You would think that this being my third pregnancy and delivery that I would be totally prepared, but I am beginning to get a little nervous.  Questioning if I will really be able to go natural this time like I did the other two times

Getting ready for this baby has been on the top of my to-do list lately.  I have washed his clothes and made space for them in Colton’s dresser and closet.  We have been purchasing all those newborn/new mommy things that we will need once the baby arrives.  I have been nesting like a wild woman… cleaning out closets, drawers, etc… throwing stuff out, giving stuff away, storing stuff we will need later. 

Last week I went through Claire’s closet and drawer and pulled out all the summer stuff and the fall stuff that will not fit.  It is always a little bitter sweet to clean out their clothes.  Part of me – well most of me – wants to keep them little forever.  Claire is growing like crazy, pretty much skipping 2T and moving right on into 3T clothing.    Both of my kiddos are tall and so almost all their pants are short.  Hopefully this weekend I will have an opportunity to purchase them some new fall clothing.

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