October 12, 2012

Recipe Cards–Halloween Style With A Linky!

October 12, 2012
My recipe binder in on my list of things to get completed!  It is sitting in my kitchen at this very moment calling my name.  I have tons of recipes stuffed in there and they really need organized!  I have a few Halloween type recipes so I wanted some fun recipe cards to put them on.  So…. here they are.
This is a full page recipe sheet… I prefer full page because then I can tape a picture on there too.

Recipe Card Full Page SJB

These are sized to 4x6 cards.  I could not decide if I like it with or without lines so I did both.  The best thing to do is print it on card stock and then cut to size.  Hope you enjoy!

Recipe Card 4x6 Halloween Lines SJBRecipe Card 4x6 Halloween Blank SJB

Oh yeah, please link up your favorite Halloween Recipe!!!

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