November 8, 2012

Decimal Ablise

November 8, 2012

Politics is something that I have really refrained from talking about on my blog.  If you knew me, you would know that this is difficult.  If you follow me on Facebook you would know that it seems almost impossible.  However, I have used great restraint and tried not to say too much.  Today readers, today that changes at least for this blog post.  Because friends my head is full and my heart is heavy and for a moment I need an outlet.

Tuesday night as the polls were starting to close Chris and I watched television in our bed turning it back and forth from the news channel to a sitcom we love to watch.  We knew it was going to be a long night and would probably not know the election results until late into the night or the next morning.  I was exhausted and knew I could check the results in the middle of the night when my bladder woke me so I fell asleep around ten.  I feel asleep optimistic.  Optimistic that Romney was going to pull this out!  I really believed that the American people had had enough.

Sure enough around 2am my bladder woke me up and I immediately checked my phone for an update.  Needless to say I was devastated.  My heart sank, I felt sick.  I actually had to fight back the tears.  For the next hour I laid in bed not able to fall asleep – I blamed it on my husbands incisive snoring (yes, I sleep with a grizzly bear), but honestly I just could not shut my brain down long enough to fall back asleep.  An hour later I went to the playroom and feel asleep in the recliner.  Needless to say I woke in the morning pretty grumpy.

Yesterday was seriously one of the dreariest days ever.  I looked at my children worried for their future.  Devastated knowing that they are going to have to carry the burden of this current administration.  Yes, I know that God is in control and yes, I know that no matter who is president Jesus is STILL and always will be King.  We serve a sovereign God an all loving God, but he is also a God who gives us free will.  With that free will the American people re-elected Obama.  So yesterday my mood was anything but Christ like and for the first time in my life (big gasp) I was not proud to be an American.  Because quite frankly how could so many Americans be so ignorant?

When I said to my husband, “I am not proud… in anyway today to be an American” his silence spoke volumes.  I am sure to an extent he was shocked and probably thought I was being a little over-dramatic.  But I tell you – I am so disappointed in so many of the American people.  I wanted to yell it from the roof tops… “are you blind!?”, “are you ignorant?”, “have you not lived in the same country that I have lived in for the past four years!?”.  “Remove your blinders!  Stop looking for handouts!  Get a brain!”  Yep, these were all my thoughts… and these were some of the nicer ones!

What really ticked me off was when I would read statements of people saying “he’s our president we have to support him”.  Seriously!  Are you kidding me!?  I do not have to support anything I do not believe in.  The Lord has commanded me to “love my enemy” and to pray for them.  But support them – I think not.  Being mad about it may not get me anywhere, but supporting someone/something that I do not “believe in” will certainly not get me anywhere.  Would you all have “supported” Mitt Romney!?  Oh sure, just like you “supported” George W.  Give it a rest already.

Shew!  Okay… I feel a little better now.

Our third child will be entering this world any day and I honestly feel guilty for bringing him into this world knowing that he is going to have to suffer the consequences of this election.  No, I do not think “it’s the end of the word”, but I do think that the worse is yet to come.

Mike Huckabee summed it up like this:

Tonight's results only remind me that our country has slipped into a deeper state of dependence on government than I wanted to believe. Where the Goliath of government has grown so too has our dependency.

It's also increasingly apparent to me that our real problems are not political, but spiritual. Both parties have failed to acknowledge that. Democrats have not wanted to even acknowledge the need for God in our public institutions, but sadly, many of the Republican leadership will acknowledge God, but not because they believe we should be humble before Him, but to use God in our speeches and platforms. We wear our love of Israel like a badge of courage but on the issues of life and marriage too many of our leaders are more like lambs than Lions of Judah.

Well now maybe our Republican Party will look at itself in the mirror. I feel that we shouldn't pack up and quit, but gear up and get ready for the next battle. That's what we do as people of faith and a party of principle. We don't stop believing what we believe. We do a better job of doing what we're supposed to do. That’s how you attract voters and win elections. And that is how you save America from herself.

Shamefully I can say that my prayer life has slipped into the decimal ablise over the past six months and I know that I cannot be the mom, the wife, the woman of Christ that the Lord intends for me to be without staying committed to His word and recommitting myself to a consistent prayer life.  So today I will make that happen.  Today I am vowing to have a better attitude and to turn my eyes toward Heaven.  My fellow sisters (and brothers) in Christ – this battle is only going to get tougher – we must ban together and we must fight to keep the faith… not matter who is the President of this nation.

II Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked way; then will I hear from heaven, and forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

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