November 9, 2012

Happy Halloween

November 9, 2012

Colton and Claire have no clue really what Halloween is, but when I mentioned dressing up the first thing Colton said was “Jake!”.  He loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney.  I thought Claire would just wear Colton’s elephant costume from a few years ago, but she immediately spoke up and said she wanted to be Izzy!  So Jake and Izzy it was!


We looked at the Disney store for costumes, but I could not bring myself to spend $70 between the two of them for this one night.  So of course my next thought was Nana… and as always she came through with flying colors!  Seriously, she has mad skills with a sewing machine.  I think she could spend all her free time piecing and quilting quilts.

I printed her off a few photos and she made Colton’s vest and his head band.  The shirt was an old tshirt of his cut to look like Jakes.  Claire’s costume was even more simple.  The only ting she really needed was a head scarf and a bag for her pixie dust.  We had a pink shirt, purple leggings, and boots – Voila… Jake & Izzy!


They seriously LOVED their costumes!

Our plans for the night changed because our church cancelled trunk or treat.  We thought about hanging out with some friends and doing the door-to-door thing, but it was SOOOO cold.  So we did the next best thing and headed to the mall.


Claire stayed latched on to her Daddy the entire time we were there.


They had a good time walking around trick-or-treating and seeing some friends.  They even posed for a few cute pictures.


Arrgh matey!


Two of the cutest little pirate I have ever seen!


Now on to Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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