November 9, 2012

Lack of Boundaries

November 9, 2012

Boundaries are necessary with toddlers.  Heck, boundaries are necessary with adults!  I have always thought that I did a decent job with setting boundaries with my children.  Well I can with certainty now that I did a good job with Colton, but really missed the boat with this girl!

Last Sunday, everyone is my house was snoozing (or so I thought) and I was in the basement doing a little work. Next thing I know Chris comes down the steps yelling for me to come upstairs and see what Claire had done! I walked in her room to see her standing in her bed looking like this.


I seriously cannot look at this picture without cracking up!  Thank the Lord that I can laugh about it.

Can you guess what she has all over her!?

Does this picture help you???


Yes friends, this is an entire container of Vaseline!  She attempted to hide the evidence or she was aggravated when it was all gone and threw it off her bed.  Almost the entire 7.5 ounces was in her hair!  What was not in her hair covered her face and Minnie.


To the bath tub we went… I knew this was not going to be easy to get out of her hair.  I washed it twice with her baby shampoo (Aveeno) and it did not budge!  Next up, mommy’s shampoo.  Twice.  Once again not a budge!  Each time I tried to run the comb through it… no help.

Yes… I took pictures… because what else would you do in a moment like this!?


Finally, I had an “aha” moment… Dawn dishwashing liquid.  Dawn can get rid of anything.  Well… I was wrong.  The Dawn did nothing!  At this point I was totally stumped.  So I did what any 21st century mom would do, I Googled!  Sure enough there were lots of “solutions” to removing Vaseline from hair.  One suggestion was baby oil and I just so happened to have some in the bathroom cabinet.  Voila!  I was amazed!  The baby oil stripped it right out.  I was shocked!  So there you have it moms… in case of Vaseline in the hair grab the baby oil.

I love this little chick… even if she does push the boundaries further than her brother ever thought of pushing them.

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