November 5, 2012

Momma Is Not A Total Prude… I Promise!

November 5, 2012

Do I like for my children to have sugar?  No.  Do I sit and eat bags of sugary foods myself and do not allow them to have any?  Certainly not.  Do I even let them “indulge” from time to time?  Absolutely!

Need proof!?


This is Claire yesterday in Sunday School at church.  What is that all over her face you ask???  Well a powdered doughnut of course!  Mixed with some yummy Cheetos – her favorite!  However, for some this is just not enough.  “You mean they can only have one!… and no chocolate milk!.  Seriously, I feel the eyes of judgment glaring down on me every time I put limits on the amount of sugary substances I allow (or do not allow) my children to have.

You know what is the great thing though.  My kids do not ask for it – you know why?  Because they have no clue what most of it is!  Perfect example is suckers.  We have never allowed our children to have suckers.  For one, we do not eat them, so we do not buy them.  Secondly, they make me nervous (ahem… choking hazard) and they are HORRIBLE for their teeth!  Your teeth are better off consuming a candy bar than eating a sucker – just saying.  Oh yeah, and they are sticky and gross… just a little OCD!  So on the rare occasion Colton gets a sucker (usually from the treasure box at school, Sunday School, or Halloween) and I actually let him open it (he does not fuss either way) he will seriously lick it half a dozen times and then he is finished.  He would much rather have a chocolate/peanut butter Lara Bar.  Why is he this way?  I believe it is because we just have not exposed him to the sweets so his brain does not desire or crave it.

I get that I am probably not in the majority.  I get that most people do not understand why I am strict about what they eat, but seriously – GET OFF MY BACK!  Most of my friends give their children chocolate milk and I would never dare say, “oh momma please do not give that to them!”.  It is none of my business.  Nor do I shed down judgmental eyes when they do.  To each their own.  This is just the way I choose to raise my children – and just because this is what I choose does not mean that I think that those who choose differently are not good parents.  My philosophy is this: they have the rest of their lives to eat sweets… so why push it on them now?  Just respect me as their mom.

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