December 21, 2012

A Day Off

December 21, 2012

So here it is… I need a day off.  Just a day – that’s it.  I feel HORRIBLE for admitting that.  I feel like it makes me a bad person for even saying that out loud.  I feel guilty for saying, “I need a few hours away from my toddlers to recharge” when there are mom’s in Connecticut who would give anything to be with their little ones. 

We do not have “babysitters”, we do not have people that we can just take our kids to and drop them off for a few hours.  We do not have people that we feel like we can call and say, “come watch our children for a few hours”.  It is no ones fault but my own.  I have clung to my children and have always taken them everywhere with me.  If I need to go somewhere I pack them up and they go along – but I am here to tell you – I need a day off!

This week has been emotionally exhausting.  Colton and Claire have not played well together at all which makes the days long.

Asking for “a day off” makes me feel like a bad mom … a bad person.

I love my children… I love being with them… I love being their mom.  I am blessed beyond measure, but I need a day off and I feel guilty asking for it.

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