December 11, 2012

Beckham’s Birth Story–Part 2

December 11, 2012
Around 6pm I was able to get up and start walking. I knew once I was able to walk that the contractions would start coming on stronger so I was super excited to get up and go. Chris was my leaning post during contraction while Christine held my I.V. pole and gave Chris a giddy thumbs up with each contractions.

The three hours that we walked (yep, three hours!) were actually pretty fun. We shared stories, caught up on each others lives, and most importantly we laughed hysterically. There was one point that I was trying to work through a major contraction and could not concentrate for laughing at my husband so hard!  I will spare you the details… he may kill me if I were to share them! We walked the entire OB floor worrying the post-partum nurses every time we passed their way. “We’re not equipped to deliver babies down here!” they would say when we would pass by. All in good spirits of course.

Around 9pm my OB checked me and I was 8cm. It was now that she wanted to break my water. To be honest, I did not want my water broken. I knew this would speed the process along, but geeze, this is when you really get down to business and I was not prepared.  Are you ever prepared though?   It was at this point that my emotions really sat in.  In the book, Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way, the authors do an incredible job of explaining to you the stages of labor and the different signposts of labor. You go through excitement and an incredible amount of self doubt. I think the tears were due to the self doubt. My lovely husband just loved on me trying his best to comfort me every step of the way. It was at this point that I knew the walking was over.

Chris was literally by my side every second. He helped me to the bathroom holding me up during contractions. It was then that I found a comfortable position, but the nurse was insistent on me not laboring on a toilet! ha ha. So we made our way back to the bed. I sat on the edge while Chris sat in a chair in front of me, holding me up and  working me through each contraction.  Christine did an incredible job at being my nurse. She tended to my every need.  She alternated between wet wash cloths trying keeping me cool. I do not know what it is, but I BURN UP during labor! This has happened each time. We had the air down as cool as it would go, a fan blowing, and wet wash cloths going and I was still hot.
Christine shared this with me:
At one point when I was burning up Chris ask me if I wanted some ice chips and I told him yes. He started to get up to get them and I quickly clanged onto him and growled “not you!”. She said that she said to herself, “oh heck, she isn’t going to let him go anywhere!”. Chris and I both have gotten the biggest laugh over this because we both know how bad of a clinger I am – especially during childbirth, but it was funny to hear it from someone else’s perspective.
So yeah, I would not let Chris leave my side and honestly he did not try. Laboring was a very quiet time. The Lord really helped me get my mind to another place. I mentally talked myself through each contractions. Reminding myself that it was just going to last a few seconds, that I was going to get a break, and that each contraction was one step closer to holding my little man!

The nurse and OB came in several times to check me… my OB was so sweet. She would pat on my leg and just offer up words of encouragement. Finally the moment was there… when you go completely natural you know immediately when it is time to push. This is when excitement creeps back in! For one, it’s a relief, but most importantly I will be seeing my baby REALLY SOON!

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