December 23, 2012

Brooks Family Christmas Letter 2012

December 23, 2012


We are honored that you are taking time to read ANOTHER Christmas letter from our family. We hope and pray that this letter finds you in good spirits.

2012 has been a big year for our family. In March I turned thirty. I am so thankful that the Lord has given me thirty great years, 10 of which I have spent married to my best friend. Yes, Chris and I celebrated ten years of marriage this July! Hard to believe it has been that long. Two days after my thirtieth birthday I was shocked to find out that I was pregnant. Again! I was nearing the end of training for my second half marathon and was completely overwhelmed at the thought of being a mom of three. Four weeks later, seven weeks pregnant and ask sick as could be I finished the Knoxville Half Marathon. Nine months later I am aching to put on my running shoes and hit the pavement!

Colton finished K3 this May and right before Claire’s second birthday we planned a last minute trip to the gulf. This was our first vacation with just us and our children … no additional family. It was different than any other beach trip we had been on, but so enjoyable nonetheless. Claire, our girly little two year old took right to the pool this summer – she loved every minute of being in the water.

Claire is a handful to say the least. She has a very different personality than that of her older brother. Colton is a very loving and very affectionate little kid. As I am typing this letter he is wrapped around my waist telling me how much he loves me – for no apparent reason. I am blessed more than I deserve. Claire is not quite as affectionate as her brother. She likes her personal space. She also has a bossy side that we chalked up to her being a girl even though I realize that is not a good excuse for her attitude (wink wink). Bossiness aside she is a sweet little girl who loves her baby, bags/purses, jewelry, Chap Stick, and snuggling with her momma! She is anxious to go to school like her brother, but I am anxious to keep her little as long as possible. Claire loves to sing and to say The Lord’s Prayer before dinner. Nothing in the world melts your heart like hearing you children talk to God.

In August Colton started K4 at Gateway. The first day of K4 went a lot smoother than the first day of K3. My husband would tell you that I am much more of the clinger than Colton is – letting go is SOOO hard to do! He has had an amazing year so far. He loves his teacher Mrs. Sonya; she is so compassionate and kind and makes learning fun. Colton’s little brain is soaking up everything possible while learning in school and at home. He has an urgent desire to learn how to read and it has amazed Chris and me at how fast he is learning to blend letters and make words. Not only is he learning to read and write in cursive, but he is also learning more and more about the bible and about our Lord. It is the hope and prayer of both Chris and I that our children will be saved at a young age and live a life that is pleasing to God. With our teachings at home, time spent in church, and the supplement of this wonderful Christian school we look forward to the day that Colton and his siblings accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

We found out this summer that we would be welcoming another baby boy. As nervous and anxious as I was to be a mom of three, I was ecstatic to hear that it was going to be another boy. I knew right away what I wanted to name him and with some time Chris was on board. So on November 12th at 11:01pm after the most amazing delivery experience we welcomed Beckham Christopher Brooks into our family. Our home is over flowing with love for this little guy. Colton and Claire are wild about him. Colton is constantly telling his little brother, “its okay baby Beckham Colton is here… I will take good care of you.” Claire is a little mother hen, she wants to hold him, and feed him, and even burp him. The two of them have put my anxieties at bay and have allowed me to enjoy this first month of being a mom of three. I know there are going be many challenges ahead of Chris and I as we navigate life raising three children, but I am thankful to know that God has walked before us and has armed us with every means necessary to be the parents that He would have us be.

Merry Christmas to your and yours!

Love from Tennessee,

Chris, Summer Jo, Colton, Anna Claire, & Baby Beckham

Philippians 4:4-8

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