December 29, 2012

Christmas Program

December 29, 2012

The school Christmas Program is a huge production.  All the children have a part in the program, but the most entertaining is always the Kindergarten classes.  There is always “that kid” … you know that one that dances or sings louder than all the rest.  Yeah… well… that’s my kid!  He hears music and he starts dancing!  It is the funniest thing ever and he has done it at every Christmas program!


At his Christmas program this year he basically came through the doors dancing… he did not even make it on the stage.


I love my little man…


These are the cutest group of four year olds…


Notice all the kids have their hands folded?  This is something they start teaching them in K3.  During bible time in K3 they had to sit with their hands folded in their lap.  For a three year old and probably a four year old too – this takes great self control.  However, studies have shown that there is actually a calming factor to clasping your hands together.  Not to mention it helps them keep their hands to themselves.

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