December 10, 2012


December 10, 2012

Colton was a pacifier baby.  Claire did not take well to the pacifier at all and I did not push it because I knew we had to break Colton from the habit and it would be tough to do so if there was a baby in the house with one.  She however, has a blanky that is her comfort.

The first time I gave Beckham a pacifier he took right to it.  Right now he has a love/hate relationship with it so I am just using it when absolutely necessary.  However, a few days ago I went to get him up and found him like this!

photo (17)

Full suction on his left thumb!  It was so funny.  So my dilemma is this … just let him have at it or keep those hands away!?  I like the idea of a pacifier because you can get rid of it, you really cannot throw out the thumb.  Ahhh… decisions decisions!

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