January 31, 2013

Running Accessories… Roo Sport

January 31, 2013

This is my third week of Half Marathon training.  It has been difficult getting back in the saddle post baby, but I can already tell my body is responding well.  It helps so much having running buddies to help hold you accountable.  5:30am comes super early for me, but when I know someone is counting on me it makes it easier to roll out of bed. 

I have ran into a small problem though…

As many of you know, I am now a mini-van mom.  While I love my van, I sorely miss driving a Ford because I miss my key pad entry!  The key pad entry came in so handy when I went for a run.  I could lock my keys up in the car and use the keypad to get back in.  Thus, eliminating the need to carry them with me.  Right now while it is cold I can put the keys in my jacket, but what I am going to do when it gets warmer and I am not wearing a jacket?  Yeah, yeah lots of clothes have small pockets for carrying items, but lets face it, those pockets are too small!  My key is a remote key and it will not fit in those tiny pockets and do not even get me started on trying to pack energy gels on my long runs.  During the Knoxville Half I put my energy gummies in my top and that did not work out so well.

So, I did what any reasonable person would do and I ask for some suggestions from some other mother runners.  Overwhelmingly so many of them suggested Roo Sport.  This is a cool little pack with magnet that will snap to your shorts or running pants/carpis. 

roo 1

I have heard that it will not bounce around and it will also not chafe.  I have always been wearing of wearing a running belt because something bouncing around would drive me crazy!  It also appears to be large enough to carry my keys, cell phone, as well as some energy gels!  No more getting caught out on long runs without a pick me up.

roo 3

After checking out their website I saw that the Roo also has an opening for your headphones.  This will be great for me because I have an Ipod Shuffle and the clip is so small that it does not stay on my pants good and irritates me when I snap it to my top.

roo 2

I cannot wait to get my Roo Sport and try it out!

So what are your favorite running accessories??

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January 29, 2013

Sweet Little Momma

January 29, 2013

Claire is such a sweet little momma.  She loves Beckham so much and constantly wants to hold and kiss him.  In the mornings when Colton is gone to school and Daddy’s is away at work she gets some good one on one time with Baby Beckham.


She has shown very little jealousy.  The only “acting out” we have noticed is her wanting to be held more.  Well… she wants us to hold her all the time!  Honestly though I do not mind too much!  She has always been little miss independent so to get the chance to hold her and rock her is nice.

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January 28, 2013

FUn Guy

January 28, 2013

This little guy loves the changing pad.

IMG_3585    IMG_3586

As soon as I put him on it he starts cooing and kicking.  He does it here more than anywhere.  If Colton is in the room he will say, “mommy buckle him up so he will be safe”.  So darn cute!

IMG_3587    IMG_3588

Love my boy!

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January 27, 2013


January 27, 2013

Colton loves his brother.  It’s a sweet, kind, and gentle love. 

I am sure that as time goes on this is not what their relationship will always look like, but as their mother I wanted to do everything possible to help harvest a good loving relationship between the two of them.


I love these boys and I am looking forward to see their relationship bloom!

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January 26, 2013

Let’s End the Mommy Wars

January 26, 2013

The blogging community is huge.  None more huge than that of the mommy blogging community.  I have been amazed over the past few years by all the mom blogs out there on the internet.  Some of which are so awesome!  I have discovered a world of super creative moms who have so much to offer all the rest of us.  I often scroll through a blog post and say, “wow I never thought of that”.  There are a ton of blogs that I like, but I have very little time to keep up with up any. 

One blogger in particular that I discovered late last year is Sarah from “It’s a Vol”.  The title of her blog alone is enough to make me love her!  I will be honest, the first thing that went through my mind when I saw the title was, “why didn’t I think of that!?”.  I found her by accident through the chick who designed my blog.  After poking around on her blog for a while and making a few contacts back and forth Sarah discovered that our spouses actually were in the MBA program together at UT.  Small world.

The thing about her blog that I enjoy so much (besides the freakishly cute picture of her darling daughter) is that she is an honest blogger.  She puts it out there.  No sugar coating – or at least not from what I can tell.  She is not afraid to share with you what she sees as her faults or the details of her no good very bad day.  In the same regard she also shares her triumphs.  She has been very candid in sharing information about post partum depression and recovering.  Something I am fortunate enough to know nothing about.

Recently Sarah opened up and shared her thoughts on a rather controversial cartoon about the relationship between not breastfeeding and smoking.  While I did not take the cartoon too seriously, it did upset a lot of moms.  I understood the point that the cartoonist was trying to make, but also realize they did a bad job at trying to get their point across.  This brought up the issue of “breastfeeding advocates” which Sarah addressed on her blog.  You see, here in the world of social media it seems like a lot of moms feel like they can pass judgment on other moms without a second thought.  In the real world one of your friends or even a stranger for that matter are not very likely to ask you why or why not you chose to feed your child a certain way.  And they surely would not chastise you for not doing it they way that they feel is best.

Behind the screen of a computer or a phone people in general get more nerve.  A lot of “advocating” moms feel like it is their “right” to tell other moms what is best for the children.  One commenter on Sarah’s post actually made the comment that a woman is not deserving of a child if she is not willing to try to breast feed.  When I read the comment I was totally thrown for a loop!  I could not imagine this nerve of this person.  She thought/thinks she is better than another mom who does not breastfeed.  I am a breastfeeding mom myself and I love every minute of it (well… except for the reoccurring mastitis), but I have never in my wildest dreams thought of myself better than another mom who chose not to breastfeed.  I feel like she (the commenter) gives other breastfeeding moms like myself a bad rap.

Several of my friends have chosen not to breastfeed – for whatever reason.  I have never even thought of it my right to ask them why they did not choose to breastfeed and I certainly do not think I am more worthy to be a mom than they are.  I am appalled that someone would say such a thing.

I have said it before and I will say it again.  We all have this very thing in common, we are moms!  We are moms who need daily encouragement and one of the best places to find it is from other moms.  No one understands your daily struggles like a fellow mom.  No one understands the constant self doubt and self ridicule like a fellow mom.  Apparently, no one will judge you as harshly like another mom.  I find it so sad, I find it extremely disheartening and I vow to make a stand against this mommy’s wars and be an encourager to all moms!

Who is with me!?

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Tummy Time

We have been working on a little tummy time.


Claire wanted to get on the action with him…


Beckham is starting to look more and more like his siblings.


Before we know it he will be crawling… crazy how quickly time flies!


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January 23, 2013

Life With Toddlers

January 23, 2013

“The sun is bothering me” is something very commonly said by this little chick.  It is really funny how whiny she can be about it.  So in times just like those I let her wear my sunglasses.


… and then ten minutes later she breaks them.  Ahhhh… life with toddlers.  Gotta love it!  So this is another reason (the first being I always lose them) not to buy expensive sunglasses.

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January 22, 2013


January 22, 2013

If you live in East Tennessee you are never too surprised to see the temps go from low 70’s on Saturday and then 2-3 inches of snow on the ground the following Thursday.  Yep, that just happened!  We had a beautiful weekend followed by several days of nasty cold rain and then Thursday afternoon the snow started to fall.  It was one of the prettiest snowfalls I have ever seen. 

Most of the time when it snows it is over night so you miss seeing the beauty of it all.  This was not the case last week.  I enjoyed so much watching the snow storm roll in and cover the ground.  An hour into the snow I heard thunder and saw lightening.  It was the wildest thing every.  You can read more about it on Wikipedia.  Apparently it is not complelty uncommon and is called Thundersnow.  This thundersnow usually result in a large amount of snow quickly.

It had rained all morning … cold rain!  It was 37 when I picked Colton up from school at 11:30 and was pouring outside.  Then the rain turned to sleet and then before we knew it, snow!

This is when it first started snowing … I took this picture at 1:46pm


2:06 pm


3:13 pm


The snow had just started when Colton and Claire went down for naps.  They were so excited when they woke up!

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January 21, 2013

Mommy’s Bed

January 21, 2013

This little girl has been sick today!  :(

She is rarely sick.  If she is it is generally a temperature and maybe a stuffy nose.  She has never had the stomach virus so for that we are SUPER grateful!

For the past few days she has been saying she did not feel well.  There were no real symptoms of sickness so I just brushed it off.  This morning she woke up burning up with a fever.  All she wanted was for me to hold her.  I held her until I had to get Beckham and feed him and then I put her in my bed.  Because the next best thing to being held by mommy or daddy is being in their bed.  So… this is where she has been for the majority of the day!  I did manage to sneak in about an hour of cuddle time with her.


We’re hoping and praying tomorrow is better!

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Christmas round 3 …

One nice thing about our “family situation” is that we really get to spread Christmas out for a few days.  We celebrated Christmas with my mom Christmas Eve and then we went to Nana and Pap’s house the day after Christmas.


My mother in law could spending every waking moment making quilts!  She loves every step of the process.  So for Christmas we took snap shots (and found old pictures) of all the quilts she had made for our family and put them in a photo album for her.  We knew we had a LOT of quilts, but we were shocked when we laid them all out and counted them!  I think we had around thirty!  She has also done wall hangings, crib bedding, window treatments, and she made our shower curtain in one of our bathrooms.


Colton looks so old in the picture!  I cannot believe how big he is getting.  It shocks me to think in August I will have a Kindergartener.


Colton loves puzzles!  I think he received four this Christmas.


Beckham chilled out with momma and Pap most of the time. 

He was so good the entire time… you know, except for the big blow out he had ;)


Claire received that Tiara and most of those necklaces the day before at her Papaw’s, but she insisted on wearing them to Nana’s!


Cousin Bryson loved all his gaming accessories!


One of my favorite things at my mother in laws at Christmas is the stockings.  She made each of these and they have have a line from “The Night Before Christmas”.  My sister in law is expecting so Nana will have to make one more for next Christmas!


I love the look Keylee is giving Claire… ha ha


It’s a gigantic Cinderella doll!!


Claire checking out her Cinderella quilt that Nana made… she loved it!  Did I mention she received a ton of Cinderella stuff… she loves it all.  Lately she has been sleeping with her Cinderella Barbie doll she received from Aunt Allison and this quilt.

We had a wonderful Christmas… we are blessed FAR more than we could ever possibly deserve. 

Now I am ready for Spring!

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January 20, 2013

Funny Faces… Take ???

January 20, 2013

Thanks Daddy for …


teaching our kids to make funny faces!


Now it is rare I get a normal smile!


I love this kiddo and his “funny faces”  :)

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January 19, 2013

Christmas Round 2

January 19, 2013

After finishing up Christmas morning at our house we headed to the lake to my Father In Law’s house.  We always do Christmas lunch there.  Chris is one of five so there is always a large crowd during holidays.  All of his siblings were there except for Aunt Allison and her husband.  They were sorely missed.  Christmas Day was certainly not the same without them!

There were nine children and they all had lots of fun opening gifts!  Well… seven of them did.  Baby Beckham and Baby Daniel were clueless, but sweet nonetheless.


All the kids get a spot on the floor and the gifts are separated into piles… then it’s a free for all!  I really prefer the “one at a time method”, but I am out ranked on that decision.


Cousin Jennifer holding Baby Beckham for the first time.  She’s a baby whisperer!


Claire did not know what to think about all the gifts.


Colton received a remote control car/truck and really liked it!


It is always fun hanging out with family that we do not get to see that often.


Poppy enjoyed all the fun!


Of course the Superhero enjoyed his new gift too!


Claire received all things Princess / Cinderella for Christmas and she has been in princess heaven ever since!  She loves this Cinderella dress and wears it all the time!  She has so much play jewelry now too… sometimes she wants to wear every piece.  Sometimes it looks like she just got back from Mardi-gras.


She is definitely our girly girl!

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January 17, 2013

Christmas Pajamas

January 17, 2013

Christmas Pajamas are a yearly tradition.  One I hope to always keep!  I wanted to get a picture of my three munchkins in their PJ’s… it was easier said that done :)


Colton is not a fan of the flash (ahem – closed eyes) and Claire has this new funky smile she has been trying out for a while.


If I am not mistaken their eyes were glued to the television and not to the camera.


They Love Beckham soooo much… sometimes a little too much ;)


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