January 1, 2013

2013 Goals

January 1, 2013

“That which cannot be measured cannot be managed.” – Rod Scobell

As 2013 quickly approached I began thinking more and more about my goals for the new year.  With the surprise pregnancy of Beckham last year my running goals were not achieved.  I did manage to finish the Knoxville Half Marathon, but barely!  Although my running took a haut I am back at it (slowly) and hopefully will start training regularly January 14th and this time I am again shooting for that 2:10 goal.

Here are a few of my other goals I have laid out:

Spiritual Goals:

  • More consistent Bible Study & Prayer Time
  • Memorize more scripture
  • More bible stories with Colton & Claire

Health/Fitness Goals:

  • Help Chris achieve his health goals
  • Log 500 miles
  • Get back to my pre-baby weight by April 1st
  • Break 2:10 in a half marathon
  • Break 24 minutes in a 5k

Business/Financial Goals:

  • Do 4k a month in sales with Pampered Chef
  • Make it to director with Pampered Chef by May
  • Sell our house and get in a 4 bedroom
  • Create and stick to a monthly/yearly budget

Family & Personal Goals:

  • 1 date night a month with my husband – we WILL make this happen!!
  • At least 1 craft a week with the kiddos
  • Organize 1 room in the house each month
  • Organize all of our family photos including those on my computer

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