January 12, 2013

Beckham’s Birth Story–Part 3

January 12, 2013

… and here is the rest of the story.

If you have given birth you know the excitement that surrounds this last phase of delivery.  For one, the pain eases up when you are able to push!

Once I had finally reach 10cm my room became super busy.  My nurse and my ob were there, but there were also nurses for the baby as well as maybe an LPN or two… I am not really sure.  From the time my water was broken up until the point that Beckham was on my chest I felt like I was in another world.  I was really able to lose myself somewhat in the birthing process… I went somewhere else.  This is a technique that helps tremendously with natural childbirth, but something I had not experienced with my last two deliveries.  This delivery I remember being really quiet, really subdued and was no different once I started pushing.

Let me interject with a little funny…

The nurses were preparing my bed.  These beds are wild, they transform completely into something totally different during delivery.  The bottom completely drops out of the bed and then stirrups are brought up.  (Side Note: I did not use stirrup the last two times so not sure why they were used this time)  Anyway, these nurses were having a time with the stirrups.  They could not get them figured out!  My eyes are closed, I am trying my darnedest to concentrate on these contractions and not push this baby out before the OB was ready, but all I could hear were the nurses going on and on about the stirrups!  It felt like 10 minutes had passed and they were fiddling with those things and going on about some other lady who was “the queen of the stirrups”.  I just kept thinking to myself “are you kidding me!…. you have done how many deliveries and you cannot get the bed in working condition!”  I kept thinking this over and over in my head, but could not get the words to come out of my mouth.  I guess in the end that was for the best!

My wonderful husband stood on one side of me and my darling friend on the other side and in about five minutes and three really good pushes my OB laid Beckham on my chest.  I remember just saying “thank you Jesus” over and over and over.  The moment I laid my eyes on him all I could think was how much he looked like Colton!  Ahhh I loved him immediately!


After they took him to the incubator I remember firmly saying “Chris… “  He knew what I wanted to know and said, “he is perfect… everything is fine”.  “All his fingers and toes”, I ask.  Chris just chuckled a little and said yes.  It is almost like you cannot breath a sigh of relief until someone tells you they are okay.


I knew he was a good size boy, but not as big as his older sister.  He weighed in at a perfect 8 pounds .02 ounces.


I am so thankful for these pictures!


Together, we did it again!  I could not had done it without the Lord and without Chris by my side.


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