January 11, 2013

Christmas Cards–Prayer List

January 11, 2013

We love Christmas cards.  This year we actually received two New Years card which were totally adorable too!  Every year after Christmas I hate throwing the cards away, especially the ones with pictures.


My sister in law told me that she planned on putting all their cards in a basket and pulling them out each day and praying for a different family.  I thought this sounded like an awesome idea and wanted to do something like this myself!  Within my stack of cards I have friends who are going for cancer scans, struggling through fertility, first time parents, pregnant, and the needs go on and on.  This is a great way to help me stay focused on my prayer list.

I did not want the cards laying around in a basket so I punched a whole through the corner of each of them and put them on a ring.  I’m going to put them with my bible and prayer notebook.


What do you do with all your old cards?

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