January 8, 2013

Christmas Morning

January 8, 2013

Yes, I realize I am really late getting these Christmas photos up, but it has been a little busy around here the last few weeks!  Christmas was beyond hectic and then Colton came down with the flu.  Then after he was better from that he got the stomach flu!  A week later I got the stomach flu.  It has been a little wild around here to say the least.


Chris and I were BEYOND excited for Christmas morning!!


Colton and Claire sat next to each other taking turns opening their gifts one at a time.  I like doing it this way so we can all see everyone’s reactions and ooohh and ahhh over their gifts!  Beckham snoozed away in his bouncy seat oblivious that anything was going on around  him.

DSC_0102  DSC_0105

These two are SOOO easy to please.  Claire was thrilled to get Cinderella underwear, she had to take each one out of the packaging and unroll them.  Colton my lover of puzzles was thrilled to get his Jake puzzle – thank you dollar bin at Wal-Mart!


Still unrolling her new underwear…


Mommy & Beckham!  I look rough to say the least, but I know one day I will be glad I have this picture!!


Colton is such a big helper… he often says, “I’m good at fixing things!”  So here he was helping daddy “fix” Claire’s new baby and get her out of the box.


And finally… Colton’s new Kindle!  The only thing he ask for were an Ipad and Pixie Dust (so he could fly).  Seriously a super expensive gift and an impossible gift!

He honestly NEVER ask for anything… at all.  For about 3 months all he talked about was wanting an Ipad.  We told him over and over, “maybe for Christmas”.  So leading up to Christmas he kept saying, “I’m getting an Ipad for Christmas” and Claire would pop up and say, “I’m getting Madagascar”.  About a year ago she broke our Madagascar dvd.  If you visited our house in the past year she probably told you all about it.  She was so sad and wanted a new one so Chris told her maybe for Christmas.  We both got a good laugh over the conversations about the Ipad and Madagascar dvd in the days leading up to Christmas.


We opted for a Kindle Fire HD instead of an Ipad and we are super happy we did!  It is a wonderful tablet that all of us are enjoying!

Ahh, yes… and Claire loves her Madagascar dvd set!


She loves her new baby too!  I bought her a bjorn type carrier to go with it… she carried that baby around on her back for days.


Beckham is enjoying his new Bunnies by the Bay pacy holder ;)


I cannot believe another Christmas has come and gone and here we are a family of five in 2013!  Blessed!

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